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You agree to use this website solely for the purposes that are permitted by any applicable law, governmental regulations and this Terms & Condition.

You agree that you will not attempt to access the alhajisperfumes.com other than through the interface that is provided by us.

You agree not to attempt to access the website, or any related webpage by means of automated means, such as scripts or web crawlers.

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You agree that you will not reproduce, copy, duplicate, trade or resell the information featured on the website or any portion of it for any purpose.

Intellectual property

All the content featured on the website such as graphics, text, data, images, logos, music, video, promotional messages, and software is owned property of alhajisperfumes.com. The content is licensed and is protected by trademark, copyright, patent, and other trade and proprietary rights. The repository, arrangement, and form of all content on the website are the exclusive property of Al Hajis Perfumes and duplication of it will warrant legal actions.

Legal capacity to avail the services and make agreements

The customer should be of or above the age of 18 to sign in to our website and avail the services. By agreeing on the terms of legal capacity, an individual confirms his age and we cannot be held accountable for the loss or damage induced by a minor account user. Also, we reserve the right to solicit compensation for such losses or damages caused by the children from their parents or guardian.


Base Currency

All the payments and services charges should be paid in UAE Dirhams (AED)

Changing of Prices

We reserve that right to alter the price of the products featured in the website owing to change in demand, price raise by the manufacturers or other market scenario.

Typographical Errors

alhajisperfumes website is a massive reserve of data and we strive to keep every bit of it accurate. Due to human error and other determinants, there is a possibility of wrong information being posted on the website and we cannot guarantee that information listed is entirely accurate, current or complete. We encourage customers to cross-check data such as products descriptions, pricing, compatibility references, photographs, hyperlinks, detailed specifications, and other product or brand related information.


Placement of Order

The placement can be done through the website or the mobile app. To prerequisite for placing an order are an active account, current address and phone number. We encourage customers to proof read the details of the order before confirming it. We are not responsible for the glitches in successful completion and delivery of order owing to wrong information cited by the consumer.

Processing Time

Once the order is confirmed, it is processed in approximately 24-48 hours. Delayed payment verification, public holidays, and unavailability of stock might extend the processing time. The status of the processing will be regularly updated on your account.

Order Acceptance Policy

The confirmation text message or email does not guarantee our acceptance of your order, we reserve the right to accept or decline your order if we have enough reason.

Change/ Cancel Orders

You can alter the specifications of the order before it is charged to your account. You can call our 24/7 customer care to change order details such as address or phone number.

You can cancel the order altogether before the order is processed and receive a complete refund. You can call the customer care to request a cancellation of order. We encourage you to place a call than any other form of communication as telephonic request allows us to take swift action.


alhajisperfumes.com offers both electronic payment and cash on Delivery (COD). The COD facility is limited to U.A.E; customers residing in other countries can still shop at our website by the means of e-payment. We assure our website visitors a transparent and stress-free e-payment procedure; the website and the payment gateways are heavily protected from outside infiltrators and hackers.

alhajisperfumes.com reserves the right to refuse the processing or delivery of an order on the grounds or partial or no-payment from the customer.


If any dispute, difference, or controversy arises in connection with this user agreement, such as dissension regarding the scope, formation, performance, existence, termination of agreement, and validity or of this User Agreement, a first attempt will be made to amicably to settle the Dispute through cooperation and negotiations over a period of thirty (30) calendar days.

In case the dispute goes inextricable after 30 days, the parties hereby agree that the Dispute shall be moved to Dubai Court under the Arbitration Rules.


If you are dissatisfied with any content or material featured on the website, the only remedy for the discontentment is to quit using it. All the data presented on the website is published after rigorous deliberation and inspection and we stand by it, if you find it difficult to concur with it, we encourage you to discontinue your use of it.

In all circumstances, Al Hajis Perfumes’s liability is limited to the price of the product sold on the website. We refuse to be held accountable, under any circumstances, for a claim or action in contract, contribution or indemnity, tort, or the claims regarding the products we trade which exceeds the liability limit. We shall not be liable for the malfunction of the produce, claims by the third party, interruption of services, delays, damage, loss, whether or not we have been notified about such claims or damages.


This User Agreement is construed in accordance with the UAE law and the disputes regarding the agreement will be settled by the Dubai Court.


The customer can order an already launched product from the website which is eligible for immediate delivery or pre-book a product which is not launched at the time of placing the order and schedule the delivery.

The customer can order an already launched product from the website which is eligible for immediate delivery or pre-book a product which is not launched at the time of placing the order and schedule the delivery.


The customer can solicit a refund if he/she receives a product in an unsatisfactory or damaged condition. You can lodge a refund request on the website and quote the reason for requesting a refund. If the reason is found genuine, the refund is initiated within 7 days of purchase in case of damaged or defected products.

Return is not permitted in case:

  1. If the product is not returned in its original packaging.
  2. If the product is in used status.
  3. If there is a disparity between the quantity of perfume delivered and returned
  4. If the products are marked as non-returnable or non- refundable.


The request to cancel an order is accepted only before product delivery is initiated. Cancellation is not permitted once the delivery is initiated. The customer can lodge a cancellation request via email or telephone, we courage you to cancel via telephone as we can immediately action before the product gets out for delivery; e-mail messages will take time to be noticed and cannot be assured a cancellation.